Month: October 2019

Average Penis Size And How To Increase It?

45% of men in the world worry that their penis is too short, and they do not satisfy the sexual partner by 100%. Men set great store upon a penis size. Most believe that if they had a big penis, they would be more courageous and attractive in the eyes of women. According to the results of the opinion polls of women, most men underestimate a size of their penises. There are a lot of nuances a woman pays attention to. But men take no notice of it. Now we are going to find out what penis size is...

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Best Solutions

One of common diseases of male genitourinary system is erectile dysfunction, that is, impaired erection. Most men consider this disease is personal problem, which isn`t customary to talk about, and don`t go to doctor. Some of them think that erectile dysfunction is incurable. This isn`t so: in 95% of cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured. The main thing is to accurately determine cause of this ailment. Treatment of impotence according to international protocols is possible at European Medical Center. Specialists here have ability to conduct laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, as well as treatment of diseases of male genitourinary system,...

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