45% of men in the world worry that their penis is too short, and they do not satisfy the sexual partner by 100%. Men set great store upon a penis size. Most believe that if they had a big penis, they would be more courageous and attractive in the eyes of women.

According to the results of the opinion polls of women, most men underestimate a size of their penises. There are a lot of nuances a woman pays attention to. But men take no notice of it.

Now we are going to find out what penis size is average in science terms. We will consider the comments of women and determine the rates in different countries. We hope that men will feel more confidence in the bedroom after reading this article.

Nothing to be embarrassed of: scientists have detected the average penis size

The employees of the urological magazine BJU International have conducted a study in which more than 15 000 men have taken part. There are representative of all countries and races: Asians, Europeans, Americans, the citizens of Africa and Australia. Many have thought that the difference between all men would be titanic. But it is not true. A few men falls out the borders of 12 centimeters and 16 centimeters. It means that test persons have approximately the same penis size – from 12 to 16 centimeters.

  • Every 5th man out of 100 has the penis less than 10 cm;

  • Just 1% of all men who have taken part in the study had the penis more than 20 cm.

In fact, the clinical data will always differ from the own measurements. Men like to dress their “package” up. The maximally precise measurement is conducted in the clinical studies: during erection and during a relaxed state.

If you want to know exactly how to measure penis size, follow our recommendations:

  1. To measure a length of the penis, take a measuring tape that would assume a shape of your penis. A ruler will not do because it may be too straight. Put one end to the pelvic area. The length is measured from the base to the end point of your penis.

  2. To measure a width, take a measuring tape and wind your penis in the widest place. If you do not have a tape, you may use a thread. Mark the volume of the penis and then put it to the ruler. You will know a penis girth.

One of the studies says that the average penis size is 12,9 cm (5,1 inches) during erection. Moreover, it is not important what size your penis has during the relaxed conditions.

A penis may be increased by up to 80% during erection.”

It means that if a relaxed penis is 3-4 cm, it may be 16 cm during the erection. A man will have the same values, even if his relaxed penis is 8,5 cm. It depends on physiological peculiarities of the body. But we are interested in a size during the erection only. A quality of sex may depend on it.

What penis size is small?

small penis size

We already know that a normal penis size is from 12 to 16 cm. But many men think that it is not enough. Department of Urology, University of Florence has provided interesting data. It turns out that most men who use a procedure to increase a penis size, in fact, do not really need it. Concerns about the penis size appear due to stereotypes that are met in the society.

These studies have shown that most men who apply for a procedure of the penis increase overestimate the normal sizes. It is related to the psychological tension after watching erotic movies and magazines. About 67% of men experience a psychological discomfort, even though they do not have any preconditions.

Scientists state that a candidate for the increase of the penis should have a length of the penis during the erection not more than 7,5 cm. Even if your erect penis is just 10 cm, the scientists do not recommend to seek for a surgery.

We would like to remind you that the average penis size is 10-11 cm in the countries of Asia.”

Average Penis Size in the world: statistics

As we have talked about the penis size in Asia, let’s read the official information that is provided on worlddata. You may find a table on the site that states the average male penis size in different countries. Also check the image below – “perceived average and ideal penis length”:

Average Penis Size In The World

The studies have been conducted in 88 countries. And the average penis size have been more than 16,5 cm only in 6 countries. There are just 16 countries where a length of the penis is less than 12 cm. All countries are represented in the study but you should have a general notion about the size.

Women’s opinion about penis size

If you still believe that your penis is not big enough to please women, let’s find out an opinion from the other side. Women are more loyal to a penis size and do not share the men concerns. On the contrary, most of them feel more comfortable during the sexual intercourse, if a man has a small penis.

Scientists have even made a social experiment and offered women to choose a perfect size of the penis. 33 penises of different sizes have been printed by means of a 3D printer. Women preferred a penis with a size about 16 cm (6-6,4 inches) for one night and a fling. But choosing a life partner, they preferred 12,5-12 cm (5-5,2 inches) penises.

Many women have informed that a diameter really matters, not length. They experience painful sensations with a long penis, whilst a bigger diameter brings them more pleasure. Scientists associate it with the fact that the wider the male penis is, the more it stimulates the nerve endings in the female genitals.

If the clinical studies are doubtful for you, we recommend to go to forums. For example, there are a rather interesting poll on Quora where more than 100 women have taken part. They have told about their preferences and a sexual experience without any secrets.

How to increase penis size?

Despite all grounds, there are men who do not like their penis size. It is normal. If a man does not feel comfortable during sex, he will not be able to give a pleasure to his partner. Therefore, if you belong to these men, we have prepared for you a list of the male enhancement products.

A surgery on the penis increase is not complicated, but we do not recommend to use this method:

  • First, a long-term period of rehabilitation is needed after the procedure;

  • Secondly, there are a risk of complications;

  • Thirdly, a surgery is rather expensive, and you have to be confident in your surgeon.

Many consider the use of the various additives useless. But it is not true. These additives contain ingredients that stimulate the blood circulation of the tissues in the penis. What would be the point?

  1. You will have a better erection. The harder the penis is, the more its size will be.

  2. The cavernous bodies may be increased as a sponge during the blood circulation. You will stretch them naturally. You will not achieve great results but the difference will be noticeable, and your partner will notice that your penis has become bigger.

We have found just 4 products on the internet that have positive reviews of men:

  1. VigRx Plus

  2. Male Extra

  3. Extenze

  4. Prosolution Plus

All these penis enlargement pills contain just natural ingredients that improve the erection, enhance a production of testosterone, improve the blood circulation in the penis, and slow down the onset of the ejaculation.

The vascular tree is dilated in the penis, and it increases the blood circulation in the cavernous bodies. You stimulate the growth of the penis, and a strong libido and erection are achieved. It will help you to significantly improve the quality of sex and forget about the sizes of your penis.

It is important for a woman how you are set for a sexual activity. Do you experience a sexual arousal, and how hard is your erection? If your partner feels it, she will be faster aroused and get more satisfaction during sex.