The problem in sexual life is one of the main reasons for divorce. This is not surprising, because sex is an important component for the physical and psychological health of every person. If regular malfunctions occur during sex, then relationships can give a serious crack. If you are concerned about early or premature ejaculation, as a result of which your partner or wife remains unsatisfied, and you cannot deal with it yourself, we recommend that you read this review to the end!

Premature ejaculation is not a sentence for a man. Nevertheless, this disorder prevents you from achieving maximum pleasure with your partner. The main cause of the disease is psychological, which only enhances self-doubt during sex. Negative thoughts and feelings negatively affect a man, as a result of which sex completely disappears from the life of the couple. In some cases, the cause of premature ejaculation is the physical problems of the reproductive system. If you are not satisfied with your sexual state and want to change your life, returning vivid emotions to your life, then Duramale is your main savior!

What is Duramale?

Duramale is a natural herbal supplement used to treat early ejaculation. The unique formula of the product effectively helps to cope with other men’s problems. Constant intake of the supplement improves an erection, making it stronger. Besides, the medicine favorably affects the whole organism as a whole, filling the body with energy and forces necessary for new achievements.

Duramale pills help men over 18 years old. Clinical studies and Duramale reviews confirm the effectiveness and safety of a natural remedy that is not inferior to chemical drugs, such as Priligy 60mg. This is an effective medicine, which helps to cope with premature ejaculation. However, it has some contraindications and is not suitable every man.

The price of the additive is lower than that of competitors, which makes it even more attractive. If you want to return sexual stamina and please your partner, then Duramale is a great option!


How does the remedy work?

The main reason for early ejaculation is the low level of a special hormone (serotonin) in the male body. Due to its shortage, the brain sends signals about the completion of sexual intercourse to the reproductive system too early. As a result, premature or early ejaculation occurs, which does not give partners enough time.

Duramale’s unique formula addresses this issue. It triggers the natural processes of serotonin production in the body. The man gradually calms down, becomes more confident, and high-quality sexual contacts last longer and longer!

duramale therapy period

According to observations, the first Duramale results occur after 1 month of constant medication. The duration of sexual contact increases to 6-7 minutes in those men who before that could not hold out even 1 minute. This indicator reaches a value of 12-13 minutes after 3 months. Six months later, your partner will experience real surprise. You can prove your worth by easily holding out for 15-16 minutes. The results are impressive, aren’t they? Duramale pills allow people to lead a real sex life and enjoy each other!

Is Duramale safe?

Before answering this question, let’s consider the composition of the drug. It includes the following Duramale ingredients:

  • Pellitory. The component is a powerful aphrodisiac that boosts sex drive. It affects the quality and quantity of sperm and increases sexual stamina. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Sagar, India) conducted a clinical study in animals to test the effects of the plant. The results showed that natural extract significantly increases libido and erection. You can study the research if you follow the link:

  • Nutmeg. The extract affects the duration of sex, significantly increasing it

  • Cubeb. The ingredient helps to cope with premature ejaculation. Also, the plant greatly enhances male libido

  • Clove. The plant has calming properties. Besides, it is an excellent antioxidant. Using the extract perfectly affects the nervous system, leading it to a normal state

  • Indian Ginseng. The component acts as an antidepressant and sedative

  • Elephant Creeper. This plant reduces stress and anxiety. Thanks to its effect, the quality of sperm cells improves and the erection increases

  • Indian Gooseberry. The natural ingredient relieves anxiety and enhances male libido. The University of Kalyani (Kalyani, India) has conducted a clinical study to determine the effect of the plant on the reproductive system. Animals (rats) were a control group. After completing the research, scientists concluded that Indian Gooseberry positively affects the male reproductive system, restoring and strengthening its work. You can get detailed information about research on the website:

Mankind has used these natural remedies for many centuries. Therefore, there is no doubt in their effectiveness and safety. Each of them individually can return a man to its former strength. And together they make up a super formula that raises relationships to an unprecedented height!

Unlike some chemical drugs like Viagra with Dapoxetine (the drug simultaneously enhances erection and fights premature ejaculation), Duramale ingredients are completely natural. Therefore, a man will not experience unpleasant Duramale side effects.

A natural supplement is suitable to almost every man. However, if you have any chronic or other diseases (cardiovascular disorders, liver problems, etc.), then you should consult your doctor before starting treatment. It is important. He will consult and give you the necessary recommendations.

how to use duramale

How to use Duramale?

The manufacturer recommends using premature ejaculation pills 1 tablet 2 times a day. The medication should be administered orally with plenty of water. The intake of alcohol or fatty foods at this moment is not recommended, as they reduce the effect of the ingredients on the body.

Duramale has a potent formula, so you should not increase the recommended dose. Otherwise, an overdose may occur and negative effects will appear. One pack contains 60 pills that you will use exactly a month. The official site offers a significant reduction in price with a one-time purchase of a natural supplement for the entire planned course of administration.

Benefits of using the drug

Duramale is a well-known and popular natural remedy for the treatment of early ejaculation, which allows you to normalize your sex life. Does Duramale work? We answer with confidence – yes. According to statistics, more than 100 million men have already used this tool. Numerous Duramale reviews confirm its effectiveness. If you do not believe it, then you can find the information yourself and see the results.

Clinical trials and many doctors guarantee you the following benefits that you get when using Duramale pills:

  • Self-confidence

  • Increased tone

  • Increased libido

  • Reduced feelings of anxiety

  • Increased sexual stamina

  • Long-term sexual intercourse

  • Long-lasting erection

  • Vivid orgasm

  • The sincere joy of your partner

All this awaits you without danger to harm your health and at an affordable price! Say yes to new unforgettable adventures.

Where to buy Duramale?

Fame has another side to the coin. Many scammers fake the original drug and sell their inactive pills under the Duramale brand. If you do not want to fall for their trick, then use the services of the official site. Here you will find Duramale pills for sale in the required quantity with an additionally reduced price. You do not have to worry about a low-quality product or a fake.

The manufacturer company is confident in the effectiveness of its product. Therefore, it gives a money-back guarantee. If for some reason premature ejaculation pills did not suit you, then within 30 days you will receive your money back.

review summary for duramale

Review summary

Duramale is not just another natural supplement. Today it is a well-known and popular brand that helps men regain their former strength. If you want to forget about your intimate problems forever and regain confidence during sex, then Duramale pills should always be at hand!


  • Natural boost sex drive

  • Normalization of the body

  • Restoring a strong erection

  • A significant increase in sexual stamina and duration of sex


  • Individual intolerance to Duramale ingredients, which may cause side effects

  • A long course of admission. You will need to take premature ejaculation pills for almost half a year to get the maximum duration of sexual contact