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Sexual intercourse is an integral part of a happy life. Each man tries to squeeze the maximum out of himself to give his beloved unique emotions. However, premature ejaculation makes its adjustments, significantly complicating the relationship. If premature ejaculation is your constant companion, then read this Edge Delay Gel review carefully. You will understand that your problem is not a sentence!

Nowadays, men often experience certain problems during sex. This is not surprising since working in the office, constant stress at work or home and improper nutrition lead to impaired sexual function. You may not notice how an erection worsens and sex turns from an unforgettable pastime into a routine. Premature ejaculation brings many inconveniences when you either do not have sex at all, or it lasts only a couple of minutes. Edge Delay Gel was specifically designed to solve this problem.

Facts about Edge Delay Gel

Edge Delay Gel is a clear, odorless, tasteless gel/cream that helps cope with premature ejaculation. Thanks to its complex formula, it helps to strengthen an erection and increase male libido. Together, these components give an excellent result. You increase your stamina and get a bright orgasm that you can independently control.

Premature ejaculation gel is great for men who do not use specialized pills, such as Super Avana and Priligy 60 mg. It is an effective medicine against early ejaculation. However, it has several contraindications and side effects, so it is not suitable for all men.

how to use edge delay gel

How to use Edge Delay Gel?

The medicine helps men who have premature ejaculation due to the sensitivity of the penis. The cream is very easy to use. You must follow these steps:

  • Put a small amount of cream on the skin and watch the body react to the components. If you do not feel an unpleasant burning sensation or itching, then you can safely use the drug
  • Apply 1 drop to the glans penis
  • Gently massaging it, rub the substance
  • Wash hands after use to prevent the product from reaching other areas
  • Wait 35-40 minutes until the cream is absorbed and reaches maximum efficiency
  • Enjoy intimacy with your loved one

You must remember that you should not apply the gel to damaged or inflamed parts of the body, otherwise you may experience discomfort (itching, burning, etc.).

Edge Delay Gel results are impressive. The natural formula allows not only to prolong the sex but also to strengthen the erection. The positive effect lasts for 2-3 hours after application. When to take Edge Delay Gel? As you understand, the cream needs time to absorb and begin to act. Therefore, it is best to use it 40-60 minutes before the planned sex.

You can control the level of exposure to the drug yourself. How to do it? You can use the instructions and wait for the maximum effect to have sex, and if you do not want to lose much sensitivity, wash off the cream when you consider it necessary. With the help of such experiments, you will find the perfect timing for yourself.

Ingredients, included in the product

Edge Delay Gel is significantly different in composition from its competitors. Its main feature is the absence of anesthetics such as Lidocaine and Benzocaine. This means that if you are hypersensitive to anesthetics or other chemical components, then Edge Delay Gel is ideal for you. A huge number of herbs are included in its composition, which explains its effectiveness and safety. Here are some of them:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf. The HungKuang University (Taiwan, Republic of China) conducted clinical trials on animals to test the effectiveness of the plant. During the experiments, scientists found that Ginkgo biloba affects erection, gradually restoring and strengthening it. You can familiarize with the work by clicking on the link:
  • Uncaria gambir
  • Velvet bean
  • Catuaba bark extract
  • Panax pseudoginseng root. The Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore) investigated the possibility of treating erectile dysfunction with an extract of this plant. The experiments showed good results in restoring natural potency. The research materials are available on the website:
  • Tribulus fruit
  • Horny goat weed leaf

Here are plants from oriental medicine, where local doctors widely use them to treat erectile dysfunction. Separately, they can have a strong effect, but together the ingredients of Edge Delay Gel make up the perfect combination. It is completely safe and non-addictive.

Studies have not revealed any side effects. The only thing that you may have is an allergic skin reaction due to the individual intolerance of one of the components. Premature ejaculation gel has no taste or smell. Therefore, it, unlike competitors, is great for oral sex!

Where to buy Edge Delay Gel?

where to buy edge delay gel

We all know the price of our money and want to get the highest quality product at a reasonable cost. It is very important to find the right store to shop. Amazon is the best choice available. Here you are sure to find Edge Delay Gel for sale.

You can buy one or more tubes at a reasonable price. The amount of the additional discount depends on the amount of medicine you purchase. Since 1 drop is enough for single-use, then even 1 tube is enough for you for a long time. Enjoy intimacy with your partner and do not overpay for it!

What are the advantages?

The composition of the medicine contains only natural ingredients. The cream does not stick to the hands or other parts of the body during sex. The cream has excellent lubricating properties. Besides, it does not leave greasy stains on clothes and other things. However, many men fell in love with this gel, not only because of these features. Numerous Edge Delay Gel reviews praise the cream for its help in treating premature ejaculation. Using the drug has significantly increased the duration of sexual intercourse. Those who used the medicine noted a natural increase in erection, which became stronger over time.

What is the difference between this medicine and other premature ejaculation gels? The most important difference is that the sensitivity of the penis does not disappear completely. This allows you to get the most out of sex and avoid premature ejaculation. You will no longer be afraid to let your beloved down. Now you control the duration of sexual intercourse!

The cream has a compact tube that you can safely put it in your pocket. This will increase your success during unplanned sudden sex. You can quietly use the gel, wait for the action and proceed to action. No one will even guess that you need additional help!

Does Edge Delay Gel work?

The natural components are individually used in various medicines to give the man additional strength and capabilities during sex. Together, they function even more efficiently, as they are specially selected and succinctly complement each other. Unlike anesthetics, Edge Delay Gel gently removes excess sensitivity, allowing you to significantly extend sexual intercourse. You are provided with vivid emotions at a reasonable price!

If you still doubt the effectiveness of the drug, then read the various Edge Delay Gel reviews and related comments. In most cases, you will find satisfied users who have been using the cream for a long time and are happy with the results.

Review summary

edge delay gel and love in bed

Let’s summarize. Edge Delay Gel is a truly effective drug that not only helps to cope with premature ejaculation but significantly strengthens an erection and has a positive effect on male libido. What else does a man need? Thanks to this cream, you will give yourself and your partner a great mood, and perhaps even save your relationship.


  • Natural product without side effects
  • You can control the sensitivity of the penis
  • Strengthening erection and stamina
  • Increased libido
  • The gel lasts several hours
  • There is no smell or taste, great for oral sex
  • It does not stain things
  • The medication can be purchased without a prescription


  • Individual intolerance to natural ingredients
  • Feeling of burning or tingling during use
  • The gel only starts to work after some time