Problems in sexual life bring a lot of trouble in relationships between partners. Every man understands that a strong and lasting erection is the key to full and happy sex life. If you want to regain your former sexual strength and give your beloved new bright emotions, then this male extra review will be useful for you!

Today, male enhancement pills are very popular among men. They are far ahead of other groups of drugs in terms of purchases. This is not surprising, because every man wants to be confident in his abilities and reach new heights in sexual terms. There are a large number of drugs that are used to improve sexual life. However, they are not suitable for every man, as they have different efficacy and side effects. You need to find out which medicine is right for you. What drug will help you regain your former sexual experience? The answer is simple, this is Male Extra. This article will tell you why this is so.

What is this product?

Male Extra is a popular medicine for restoring and increasing natural erections among men of all ages. Its main feature is a unique formula, which consists only of natural ingredients. Various clinical studies have proven its high efficiency and safety. Each ingredient helps a man boost sex drive. However, together they create a truly magnificent formula, repeatedly enhancing the effect of each other.

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Male Extra pills not only help to achieve a strong erection and increase the duration of sex, studies have shown that the drug also increases the size of a man’s penis. This is a nice bonus that will please you and your sexual partner.

How does Male Extra work?

Male enhancement pills affect the body, restoring blood circulation to the penis. Male Extra is no exception. However, the formula is not only aimed at restoring blood flow. Its active ingredients accelerate the natural production of testosterone, relieve stress and provide recovery. Altogether, this has a beneficial effect on the well-being and health of men.

Male Extra pill restores vascular elasticity. This allows them to pass more blood into the penis and provides natural potency at a high level. Due to this effect, the size of the organ erectile tissue also increases, which entails a change in the size of the penis.

An additional influx of oxygen and nutrients can increase stamina and duration of sexual intercourse. Reach new heights and show your partner new tricks!

Today, many different drugs are used to improve sexual life. However, not all of them help to achieve a stable erection. So, does Male Extra work? Great popularity among customers (the official site says that about 150 million men have already taken advantage of the product) and clinical studies prove high Male Extra results. If they are not convinced, then you can read the numerous Male Extra reviews. More than 80% of those taking the drug confirmed marked improvements in their sex life.

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Can I use this medicine?

The manufacturer company created the drug specifically for men. Women will not feel any effect. If you are over 18 or under 65 years old, you can safely take Male extra pills. The medicine will help you achieve a strong and lasting erection, as well as eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation. This will allow you to easily realize your wildest sexual fantasies.

Where to buy male extra? Below you will find the answer to this question. Now we will consider another important feature of this natural medicine. You can easily buy it without a doctor’s prescription. This distinguishes it from many chemical drugs in this group, for example, Viagra 50mg, and makes it even more convenient to use. It’s the most famous drug for increasing potency. The medicine is very popular among men for many years.

However, if you suffer from any kind of chronic disease or have heart problems, you should consult your doctor. In this case, only the attending physician will be able to recommend or prohibit taking the drug. In other situations, the Male extra is completely safe.

What are inside Male Extra?

Male Extra ingredients are often found separately in various male enhancement pills. However, together they create a unique formula that will help you get vivid emotions and orgasms. What does it include?

  • L-Arginine. It is an amino acid that is involved in the process of creating Nitric oxide. University of Cologne (Germany) studied the effect of organic matter on natural erection. You can familiarize with the conclusions by clicking on the link: Nitric oxide is produced independently in the body; it affects the appearance of an erection. Its high concentration in the blood helps a man to achieve an erection

  • Ellagic Acid. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants that restore the body’s cells. After sexual intercourse, you will recover much faster than usual

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. It is an organic compound that provides the body’s cells with everything necessary for health. It improves potency and increases the size of the penis

  • L-Methionine. The substance helps to avoid premature ejaculation and prolongs sexual contact. Surprise your partner

  • Zinc. This chemical element contributes to the natural production of testosterone in the body. You will feel a surge of strength and energy. Your libido will be on top

  • Cordyceps. It is a unique mushroom that grows only in the Himalayas. It is famous for its boost sex drive properties. Chinese herbalists have used it as an effective aphrodisiac for centuries

  • Vitamin B3. It increases endurance and reduces fatigue

All these components are natural and safe. Together they form a truly unique formula that has returned confidence to many men.

The effect of nitric oxide on the body of man is really great. Its concentration strongly affects an erection. Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA) has conducted a clinical study and confirmed the dependence of erectile dysfunction on a chemical element. You can find detailed research results here:

dosage information and results

Dosage information & Male Extra results

One Male Extra pill contains 1,500 mg of a combination of various natural ingredients. One package contains 90 capsules, which is enough for a month of use. When to take Male Extra? The instruction recommends using 3 pills per day with meals. You should take them orally with a large amount of water. Even if you want to increase the positive effect, you must strictly observe the dosage and not exceed the recommended amount of medication. Otherwise, an overdose may occur. Drinking alcohol or fatty foods is not recommended, as they can reduce the amount of Male Extra ingredients in the blood, reducing their effectiveness.

If you have already taken medications for potency, for example, Cialis 10mg, then you are well aware of these limitations. This medicine may be a good alternative to enhance erection. However, its active substance is also poorly absorbed in the organism when drinking alcohol.

Male Extra results appear over time. This period depends on the individual qualities of a man. Nevertheless, you will feel an increase in erection after a few weeks of taking the medicine. After 2-3 months, the erection will become as strong as possible. You will feel a significant increase in stamina during sex and a reduction in the time required for repeated sexual contact. Your partner will notice these changes, this will positively affect your relationship.

As we wrote earlier, Male Extra contributes to the gradual enlargement of the penis, due to the constant circulation and nutrition of new cells. On average, men notice an increase in the penis after 3 months of constant use of the product. Six months later, this figure can grow to 2.6 inches!

are male extra ingredients safe

Are Male Extra ingredients safe?

An important point that you should always pay attention to before starting to use each drug is its side effects. Male Extra ingredients are completely natural and safe. They are non-toxic, like many chemical formulas, and are not addictive. Numerous Male Extra reviews confirm this. If you want to surprise your partner without side effects, then the Male Extra pill is a great option.

It is worth remembering that each organism is unique. You may experience individual intolerance to any component of the drug. In this case, you should immediately stop taking the medicine and seek the advice of your doctor.

Where to buy Male Extra?

Male Extra is a popular and well-known drug to restore sexual life. Therefore, many online pharmacies and stores sell this medication. However, you can not always expect high quality from the product, because it can turn out to be a fake. Where to buy Male Extra and not get caught by scammers? The best option would be to use the official site. Here you will find Male Extra pills for sale and get high-quality goods at a reasonable price.

Do not forget about trusted online pharmacies. Thanks to their pricing policy, you can save your money by purchasing Male Extra at a lower price or a discount.

Make the right choice and enjoy a full happy life!

Male Extra restores and brings new bright colors to the sex life of any man. You will find harmony and happiness in your relationship with your loved one. Therefore, the purchase of this natural medicine is a wise decision that you will never regret. The manufacturer company has created a unique formula for a reason.


  • Boost sex drive

  • The influx of strength and vigor

  • Long-lasting erection

  • Increased stamina during sex

  • Reduced time between sexual acts

  • Increased size of the penis

  • No side effects


  • Individual intolerance to some Male Extra ingredients

  • Price. It may be higher than that of competitors. However, do not forget that you get the best natural product for a reasonable price