Duration of sexual intercourse is an important component of relationships between sexual partners. The satisfaction of both participants depends on the duration of the act. Often, the longer a man delays the onset of his orgasm, the more vivid emotions lovers experience. Unfortunately, early or premature ejaculation can make adjustments to sex life. Not a single man is safe from this unpleasant problem!

If the duration of sexual intercourse does not exceed 2-3 minutes, then this is a serious cause for concern. According to studies, a woman needs at least 20 minutes of active stimulation to get an orgasm. Otherwise, she will remain unsatisfied. One or more premature ejaculations are not yet a sentence. But if early ejaculation is your life partner, then you can forget about a serious relationship with women. How to fix the situation and increase sexual stamina to unbelievable limits? In this situation, VigRx Delay Spray comes to the rescue!

What is this product?

VigRx Delay Spray is a popular medicine used to treat premature ejaculation. It is worth noting that the manufacturer produces another well-known male enhancement product called VigRX Plus. This company knows very well what problems men face and how to help them! Medicines produced by various companies are best bought at their official site, where you can find what you need at a reasonable price.

Unlike many well-known drugs (for example, Priligy 30mg), VigRx Delay is available in spray format. This gives the drug additional unique advantages over competitors, which we will consider below.

how to use vigrx delay spray

How to use VigRx Delay Spray?

To increase the duration of sex, you should spray the solution 1-3 times and apply it to the genitals, gradually massaging it. Active substances penetrate well into the tissue and begin to act almost immediately. The positive effect comes very quickly. You can start a long sexual adventure just 10 minutes after using premature ejaculation spray. The main feature of VigRx Delay Spray is the change in the positive effect depending on the volume of remedy used. Light exposure starts with 1 spray and the maximum with 3. The active substance reduces the sensitivity of the penis. This allows you to increase your sexual stamina and avoid premature ejaculation. You can experiment and choose the most suitable dosage for you.

VigRx Delay Spray is great for all men over 18. If you suffer from a disease that prevents you from using male enhancement pills, such as Viagra with Dapoxetine, then premature ejaculation spray is the only safe and effective option for you. If you already use pills to increase your erection and libido, then VigRx Delay Spray will be a great addition to them. You can increase your sexual energy to unprecedented heights and enjoy a vivid orgasm.

The manufacturer company produces the product in a convenient bottle with a volume of 50 ml. This amount is enough for 500 times of use. You can always take a bottle with you on a journey and be always ready for a new relationship. VigRx Delay Spray is great for sudden and unplanned sex. If you want new experiences, but are not confident in your abilities, then just grab a remedy and enjoy life!

It is completely optional to wash off the remedy when having unprotected sex; your partner will not experience any difficulties. Active substances practically do not affect the female body and are completely safe for them. However, if you have planned oral sex, be sure to rinse your penis under warm water to flush the product. You must do this 10 minutes after application when the spray has already begun to act.

Is VigRx Delay Spray safely?

The unique natural formula of the product is safe and effective. It includes the following VigRx Delay Spray ingredients:

  • Wild Yam

  • Ginseng root. Kyung Hee University (Seoul, South Korea) investigated the effect of a plant on the male reproductive system. The results showed that natural extract significantly enhances male sexual performance. All information about the study can be found at the address: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3735289/

  • Turnera extract

  • Raspberry fruit

  • Wild Yam

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • Licorice root

All these components are natural and do not cause side effects. However, Benzocaine is the main active ingredient. This is a mild anesthetic that penetrates the erectile tissue and reduces the sensitivity of nerves, thereby increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

The American Urological Association (AUA) presented the results of its study. Scientists have found that Benzocaine increases sexual stamina by eliminating signs of premature ejaculation.

You can familiarize yourself with the presentation of the research at the link: http://auanet.mediaroom.com/2017-05-13-Study-Demonstrates-Effectiveness-of-Topical-4-Benzocaine-Wipes-to-Improve-Symptoms-of-Premature-Ejaculation

Benzocaine stops acting faster than another popular anesthetic called lidocaine. Therefore, after impressive sexual intercourse, you will quickly restore your initial state. It is important to remember that you should not use VigRx Delay Spray on damaged or irritated skin areas. Otherwise, you may experience burning and pain. If they appear, then simply rinse the penis under a stream of warm water.

Clinical studies have proven the safety of VigRx Delay Spray. In rare cases, when men had an individual intolerance to the ingredients that make up the remedy, allergic reactions and itching arose. If you have experienced such side effects, then stop using the medication and consult your doctor.

Product advantages over competitors

There is a large number of male enhancement products in the pharmacological market. Some of them are very popular among men, others are not. Nevertheless, VigRx Delay Spray has several advantages over many competitors!

Most premature ejaculation sprays use lidocaine as the main active ingredient. This is not the best option. Lidocaine is a strong anesthetic that cannot be controlled. If you use it, you can feel absolutely nothing during sex, since the sensitivity of your penis will be practically absent. Moreover, it will be valid for 4 hours! Even if you really want to repeat the sexual intercourse, then the second time you are unlikely to succeed.

Lidocaine penetrates deep into the tissue, which can be toxic to the body. Benzocaine does not have all of these negative aspects, so the VigRx Delay Spray results are so dramatically different from the competition! You can control the level of action by changing the dosage of the remedy.

Many people use pills to boost sex drive, as there are some great drugs among them. However, they have a significant minus compared to the remedy. VigRx Delay Spray results occur 10 minutes after use. To achieve the same effect, a man must use pills for at least 1 month.

The spray can be useful in situations where you may have spontaneous sex that you are not ready for. You do not have to explain to the girl that you have not yet completed the full course of treatment. VigRx Delay Spray is the only and indispensable assistant that should always be at hand to maintain your self-confidence.

does vigrx delay spray really work

Does VigRx Delay Spray really work?

Happy users of this drug and numerous VigRx Delay Spray reviews confirm its performance. Thanks to the use of this medication, the duration of sex increases significantly, and premature ejaculation no longer manifests itself.

Using the natural medication, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Long bright sex

  • Strong potency

  • Powerful orgasm

  • Self-confidence

Clinical studies have proven that most guys can increase their sexual stamina by as much as 25-35 minutes using the drug. Such VigRx Delay Spray results are impressive, as 30 minutes is more than enough to satisfy your partner and experience new unforgettable emotions together!

Where to buy VigRx Delay Spray?

Premature ejaculation spray is known worldwide and is in great demand. Therefore, many unscrupulous merchants and scammers sell fakes instead of the original drug. To avoid such an unpleasant situation and save your money, we recommend using the services of the official site. The online store provides VigRx Delay Spray for sale at a good price. Moreover, you can count on substantial discounts when ordering a large amount of the drug.

The manufacturer is confident in the quality of the remedy and provides its customers 67 days guarantee. If it happens that you can’t use the medication, the company will refund your money during this period.

review results for vigrx delay spray

Review results

Premature ejaculation can bring many problems, including completely destroying relationships. However, VigRx Delay Spray results allow many men to return their sex life. Various studies have proven its effectiveness and safety. Use the medication and regain your true masculine power!


  • Fast action. You can have sex 10 minutes after using the drug

  • Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic that is completely safe and allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the penis

  • Significant increase in sexual stamina

  • Control over the situation. You decide when to finish sex

  • You can buy VigRx Delay Spray without a doctor’s prescription

  • Convenient packaging that you can take with you to any event

  • 67 days money-back guarantee


  • Individual intolerance that can cause side effects of VigRx Delay Spray (allergy, itching)

  • Price. There are cheaper, but less effective and safer remedies

  • The need to flush the substance from the penis before oral sex