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Why Generic Cialis?

In middle age and older, men dream of a powerful and long-lasting erection, as in their youth. The modern way of life hits hard on men's health, especially on their reproductive system. Therefore, many men suffer from symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there is a powerful remedy for the disease, which restores the former strength, confidence, and male sexuality. It's Generic Cialis!

Andrologists often prescribe the remedy for men with weak potency. Cialis does not treat the underlying cause of the disease. However, even a small dose, such as Cialis 5mg restores a powerful erection as early as 20 minutes after taking it. Do you have temporary erectile dysfunction due to surgery and rehabilitation? Do you have a weak libido or other conditions, which interfere with a full sexual life? Then Cialis is your indispensable assistant for natural erection enhancement!

How to get Cialis Online in Australia?

Digital technologies have changed our lives, making it easier to perform everyday tasks, including the purchase of medicines. Today, you don't have to go to the pharmacy to buy ED medications and worry that one of your neighbors will find out about your problem.

AAAASFI store offers famous erectile dysfunction medications online! Here you'll find popular products, including Cialis pills, at a cheap price with fast delivery to the specified address. The absence of a warehouse and other costs allows for reducing Tadalafil price. The drugs to enhance potency are becoming more affordable for Australians. Do you know where to buy Cialis online? Visit AAAASFI store!

How to get Cialis?
We offer generic Tadalafil in Australia at the best price and comfort. Forget about the queues and embarrassment when buying ED drugs at the pharmacy. AAAASFI gives you a great selection of drugs, no questions asked. We'll only ask a few clarifying questions and ship Cialis tablets to the address you provide. Anonymity and security is our main advantage. We'll pack your order in opaque material to protect it from prying eyes. Your sex life remains only your own business!

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Are you planning a date for the weekend, but not confident in your abilities? Then order Cialis to get a sex booster by the scheduled date. AAAASFI is not only about privacy and security, but also about the super fast delivery of Cialis generic in Australia.

We work with many popular payment systems so that customers do not experience problems when buying ED drugs. Use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB to order cheap Cialis. In addition, we transact with AMEX, Diners Club, and electronic checks. Do you have cryptocurrency? Fine! You can also use it in our store. Buy Cialis online today to make your lady's sexual fantasies come true tomorrow!

Actual Picture of Cialis Blister

Actual blister image of Cialis

Generic ED Remedies vs Branded Drugs

There is a misconception that branded drugs are more effective and safer than generics. Of course, original drugs are high-quality products. They have passed all the necessary research and certification. They are pioneers in their field. Therefore, their creators receive a patent for a unique formula, while it is valid, other manufacturers cannot use it. After the end of this period, the drug formula becomes free.

Any certified manufacturer can use it for the production of medicines, the so-called generics. What is the difference between a generic drug and a brand-name drug? This is the manufacturer, additional components (for example, flavoring ingredients), and price. The formula is the same in both cases. There is hardly any danger in replacing one flavoring or coloring ingredient with a similar one.

The main substance of generic Cialis is Tadalafil. It is a PDE5 inhibitor, it promotes vasodilation and fills them with blood, forming a powerful and long-lasting erection. By choosing Cialis generic, you get a powerful effect and cost savings. After all, the price of generics is much lower than the cost of branded drugs.

Why is this happening? The manufacturer does not need to invest in formula development and research. The company is already using the proven compound after the expiration of the patent. But it does not mean that generics are unsafe. Vice versa. Each generic before entering the pharmacological market undergoes a certified clinical trial.

Doctors often treat patients with generic drugs, including those to restore erectile function. No wonder Cialis generic is very popular in Australia. ED medicine has proven its effectiveness and safety, and the low price allows you to save the budget and spend the saved money on other needs. It is important to note that men prefer Cialis tablets because of the pronounced and fast action. Buy Cialis online and take a sex booster blister with you on your date. Get maximum pleasure and surprise your partner!

Issues Caused by Erectile Dysfunction

Passionate sex is the foundation of a strong and happy relationship. Every woman expects bright emotions and new impressions from her man in bed. Only a powerful and strong erection, high sexual stamina, and libido can give you what you want. The indicators of men's health are very important in bed for a normal relationship.

As statistics show, impotence and the inability to satisfy a beloved becomes the main reason for the destruction of relationships. Surprisingly, erectile dysfunction can destroy even a strong family. In addition to physiological problems, a man begins to experience psychological difficulties. After all, no one likes to feel weak. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is a serious problem of the 21st century, which cannot be ignored. It often points to hidden health problems.

A weak erection is not the only difficulty for a man in bed. Premature ejaculation is also harmful to health and relationships. We recommend our article on the best premature ejaculation solutions.

Are you increasingly screwing up in bed? Don't waste your time and ask for help. Dr. Stuart Aitken, a healthcare professional, points out that the more men procrastinate, the more difficult and longer recovery is. Do not be afraid of treatment. Andrologists prescribe ED drugs such as Cialis pills in 90% of cases. Scientific studies confirm its effectiveness. You'll return your former strength and a hard erection without any problems!

Cialis Dosage and Instructions for Use

Before you start using a sex booster, consult your doctor. The doctor will analyze your condition and prescribe the necessary dosage. Cialis 5mg is the minimum daily dosage. At the same time, you can order another amount of ED medication, which is convenient for you, and take the recommended dose. If you have Cialis 10mg then take half or a quarter for Cialis 20mg.

At the same time, Dr. Stuart Aitken does not recommend increasing the dosage on your own. You took the minimum dose, but did not get the desired result? Consult your doctor. He'll analyze the information and prescribe a higher dose so as not to harm your health. Is it worth reducing the recommended amount of ED agents? No, in such a case, you won't get the desired result and won't be able to satisfy your partner. Where can I find Cialis in Australia? AAAASFI offers a sex booster with different dosages and at the most affordable prices.

Order Cialis and follow all recommendations. You'll get new impressions and unforgettable emotions from passionate sex with your beloved!

How to get the maximum effect from Cialis?

Sex booster has long proven to be effective. For most men, just 1 tablet of Cialis 5mg is enough to get a powerful and long-lasting erection that'll pleasantly surprise your partner. Is this not enough for you? Do you want to get the maximum effect? Then consider the following tips:

  • Do not exceed the dosage recommended by your doctor. Otherwise, you risk getting not passionate sex, but side effects, which we'll discuss below
  • Do not drink alcohol. Yes, alcohol liberates people and warms up desire. However, alcohol reduces the effect of Tadalafil on the body. Keep it in mind when planning an unforgettable end to the evening
  • Avoid fatty foods. Such food also, like alcohol, removes the effectiveness of the sex booster. Therefore, think over the menu in advance
  • Some studies show that grapefruit juice influences the effect of drugs, including Tadalafil. Therefore, its use is not recommended

How long does Cialis last?

A certified clinical study showed that Cialis is a safe and low-toxic drug. However, every pill with a potent effect is likely to cause unpleasant reactions in some patients. Even though most people are never bothered by any such effects, you should be ready that Cialis may give you an upset stomach, headache, pain in the back, lightheadedness, increase blood pressure. Call your doctor if one or more of these issues do not go away.


Australians choose Cialis generic because of its unique competitive advantages. The main one is the time of readiness for sex and the duration of exposure. Having taken a sex booster, you'll feel a surge of strength and an increase in libido in 15-20 minutes. At the same time, a hard erection occurs only with natural arousal and sexual interaction with a partner. So you don't have to blush in front of your beloved.

How long will you be at the peak of your sexual powers? Cialis generic is valid for 36 hours! This is an absolute record among sex boosters. No wonder the Australians call it the weekend pill. People often take it when planning to spend a couple of days with their partner in bed.

Missed dose and Overdose

The doctor will prescribe the correct course of generic Cialis for you. Do not violate the recommendations and exceed the daily dosage. Take Sex Booster once a day 30 minutes before scheduled sex. If you exceed the dosage, you risk getting unpleasant side effects instead of sex!

Possible Side Effects

A certified clinical study has shown Cialis to be a safe and low toxicity ED drug. The drug does not cause side effects dangerous to health. However, an overdose or individual intolerance to the drug can cause unpleasant effects:

  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach upset
  • Increased blood pressure, etc.

If these symptoms do not go away in time, contact your doctor.


Cialis generic is a safe remedy for erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you can easily order Cialis over the counter from us. However, there are some precautions, which you should keep in mind. Andrologists do not recommend using the medicine in the following cases:

  • You are under 18
  • Hypertension
  • Anatomical problems/anomalies of the penis

During the consultation with your doctor, tell him about all your health problems to protect yourself when using a sex booster.


Observe the following storage conditions for Cialis tablets:

  • Store generic Cialis in a dark place out of direct sunlight
  • Keep ED medication out of the reach of children and animals

Enjoy your sex life with AAAASFI store! Order Cialis pills here. Surprise your beloved with passionate sex and give her an unforgettable experience!

Do You Provide Cialis Over The Counter?

Yes, you can buy Cialis over the counter from us in the right dosage. Moreover, our Cialis price will pleasantly surprise you, and you'll surprise your loved one with bright moments in the bedroom. Make your deepest sexual desires come true with the popular sex booster!

Why is Cialis so expensive in Australia?

Cialis is an effective and safe remedy for erectile dysfunction. However, not every Australian can afford to buy it in the desired quantity due to the high price. This is the original medicine from the Eli Lilly Company. Therefore, the brand and logistics form such a high cost.

Do you want to find cheap Cialis in Australia? Order generic Cialis online from the AAAASFI store. You'll get a powerful and safe drug for a strong and long-lasting erection. Our Cialis price and discount system will pleasantly surprise you!

Co-author: Dr Stuart Aitken. Learn more about him on our about us page.

Updated: 28 April 2022