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Why Generic Cialis?

Generic Cialis has become widely famous for its miraculously strong effect on a male’s sexuality. Andrologists often treat their patients with this drug. Sufferers of erectile dysfunction all around the world hold much respect for medicine. Even though it does not treat the basic cause of ED, this pill can completely restore erectile function within short time spans. Should you suffer from ED temporarily (e.g. when rehabilitating after surgery) or have some conditions preventing you from removing the trouble for good, Cialis pills will become your first and the only friend for boosting an erection!

How to get Cialis Online in Australia?

A lot can be said about how comfortable it is to buy ED medications online. First of all, it’s the level of the price that gets people’s attention most often. Here, at AAAASFI, we have got an opportunity to offer cheaper drugs because it takes way less cost to maintain a website and a warehouse than an actual drugstore. In addition, we mostly sell generic versions of popular ED remedies. The ordering process is even simpler than walking to your druggist round the corner.

How to get Cialis?
With us, you can get your medical generic online in Australia with the maximum convenience possible and at the best Cialis price. We’ll ask no questions other than specifying your shipment details. What is more, your delivery will be completely confidential, with the box wrapped in opaque material to preserve it from the eyes of others. Your business is only your business, right? With our pharmacy, your intimate life will remain undisturbed by other people.

We want you to not just buy our quality products once but to return and recommend us to your friends. That is why we offer many advantages as compared with other similar services. Here you’ll find the most suitable tadalafil price. After your first purchase of generic pills from us, we'll give you a 10% discount on the next visit. Moreover, it gets even better – order for a sum equal or exceeding $200 USD and get the free delivery option!

Cialis generic is known to be the champion of ED remedies when it comes to the effect duration. After taking it, you have around 36 hours of an enhanced erection and improved sensation. Not for nothing, it is called a ‘weekend pill’ – people often ingest it, planning to spend a couple of days with their partners.

In addition to confidentiality, we provide you with extra fast delivery of cheap Cialis to Australia. Place your order on working days to get your package faster. On our website, you’ll find many payment options available. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Moreover, you can use AMEX, Diners Club, E-Checks, Cryptocurrencies, as well as Discover and JCB. Have no worries with your order of ED pills today and tomorrow!

Actual Picture of Cialis Blister

Actual blister image of Cialis

Generic ED Remedies vs Branded Drugs

People often consider branded drugs better manufactured and more effective. While there are many benefits to original drug titles, you, probably, will be surprised to hear that they are not superior in their effect in any way. Doctors successfully treat patients with the help of effective and inexpensive generics. Branded drugs are pioneers; but as soon as their formula is known, nothing stops other manufacturers to reproduce it. The same is the case to Cialis generic, based on widely acclaimed Tadalafil. It’s a PDE5 inhibitor.

Generic versions of famous medicines contain the same main ingredients and differ only in the additional ones. This is called “a changed formula” and it requires launching human studies. However, a drug manufacturer doesn't need to do this. Rather than spend lots of money on experiments, they offer this slightly changed medicine to people, giving them a chance to use the verified substance in a slightly different form. Each generic undergoes a certified clinical study before entering the pharmacological market. Experts recommend using medicine only after confirming the effectiveness and safety of the drug. You must agree there is hardly any danger in replacing one flavor or dye ingredient with a similar one; anyway, the practice of selling generics has been very successful so far. And doctors often prescribe them to their patients.

Very frequently, your doctor may approve of your choice or even suggest a better generic. However, it is unlikely that you’ll not like Cialis, which is an inhibitor of PDE 5. The pill is a huge thing in Australia and many patients reported satisfaction with one or more of its forms. Lovers get vivid emotions without spending a lot of money from their budget because the Cialis price is very democratic. The pills are super-popular indeed because of their pronounced and fast action. You’ll always satisfy your partner and have pleasurable sex with Cialis generic. Doctors note, these pills are excellent!

Issues Caused by Erectile Dysfunction

No man likes to feel feeble, especially when he has a lover who expects passion. Your relationships are an engine and they’ll not go far if you lack the fuel. Male health rates are very important in bed to normal relationships. Strong and powerful erection, high sexual stamina and vivid sensations - this is what a woman expects from her man. Impotence ruins people’s lives: it starts from the coldness in your bedroom and grows into constant anxiety. ED often indicates hidden problems with your health. If you faced with premature ejaculation we recommend to read our article about best premature ejaculation solutions.
Dr. Stuart Aitken, a healthcare professional, advises you to see a doctor if the problem persists within two months. Your doctor will handle the condition following its symptoms. However, andrologists treat 90% of cases with ED drugs such as Cialis tablets.

Dosage and Instructions for Use

Your attending doctor provider can treat you. First, it determines the amount of medicine you should take. It is quite safe. However, to take 5 mg of Cialis – half a tablet if you have Cialis 10mg and, accordingly, one-fourth a tablet if you have Cialis 20mg. Dr. Stuart Aitken doesn't recommend increasing the daily dose on your own if you feel that Cialis does not work properly. Only a competent doctor provides the maximum daily dose, similarly to your dosing schedule. Similarly, a man should not decrease the daily dosage, otherwise, he may fail his beloved. Taking medicine, you get the maximum effect in the bedroom at an affordable product price. You’ll surprise a partner with your male sexual rates!

Missed dose and Overdose

The higher doses and misuse can bring you problems, such as very unpleasant side effects. Doctors note that a man should take a single daily dose of a medical generic once every 24 hours.

Possible Side Effects

A certified clinical study showed that Cialis is a safe and low-toxic drug. However, every pill with a potent effect is likely to cause unpleasant reactions in some patients. Even though most people are never bothered by any such effects, you should be ready that Cialis may give you an upset stomach, headache, pain in the back, lightheadedness, increase blood pressure. Call your doctor if one or more of these issues do not go away.


As long as you are of age, Cialis (Australia) is available without prescription and limitations. However, this does not mean that it is completely harmless and all safety measures can be abandoned. Make sure that you:

  • consider all of your ongoing and past diseases and notify your doctor of them
  • no hypertension. Andrology does not recommend medication for men with high blood pressure
  • do not take alcoholic drinks along with Cialis pills because co-taking decrease a man’s blood pressure
  • have no anatomical problems/abnormalities with your penis


Do not leave Cialis in sunlight places. Make it inaccessible for children and pets.
Nothing should stop you from being happy with your sexual life. Order Cialis pills here. Use it properly and have many exciting moments with your partner!

Do You Provide Cialis Over The Counter?

Yes, it is possible to order products without a medical prescription. In addition, the Cialis price will pleasantly surprise you. However, we recommend consulting with the doctor.

Co-author: Dr Stuart Aitken. Learn more about him on our about us page.

Updated: 15 March 2021