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Detailed Levitra description

Author: Dr. Stuart Aitken
Reviewed: 09 Sep 2019

About Generic Levitra Pills

Levitra will give you back a sexual drive even at the age of over 60. This stimulator guarantees dazzling results. The drug is available in the form of the common pills and removes the problems related to the potency after the first administration.

A brand name Levitra appeared on the pharmaceutical market in 2003. Bayer Company used to produce it at first. But due to the high cost, this drug was affordable to rich men.

Generic Levitra is an inexpensive analogue produced by the original formula. It contains the same active ingredient Vardenafil. The manufacturer of Generic does not invest million sums into the marketing. They do not invest in the development and researches of the active ingredients. They use a ready-to-use formula which is well studied and approved by FDA.

People did not know how to get inexpensive pills for the impotence 10 years ago in most countries. All cheap pills were for sale illegally, and there were fakes. Now Levitra is for sale in many cities in Australia on the internet: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.

How to take Levitra

  • You may take pills 15 minutes before a sexual activity.
  • A dissolution takes place in the gastro intestinal tract instantly, even if you had fatty meals.
  • Take 100-150 ml of water to take a tablet. It will accelerate its absorption in the intestine. But do not use grapefruit or beverage drinks for these purposes.
  • Take Levitra once a day only. The body needs about 24 hours to completely get rid of the active ingredients.
  • If your doctor prescribes other recommendations for the use, follow these indications.

Actual Picture of Levitra Blister

Actual image of generic Levitra

How to buy Levitra online

It has never been this easy to get Levitra in Australia like now. You have a good opportunity to get pills at a very affordable price. It may be done within several minutes and absolutely legally:

  • Think how many pills you need and choose a required number in the table;
  • Press Add to Cart near the selected number;
  • Go to the cart to place an order;
  • If you want to order more pills, click on «+». This way you will double your order;
  • Click on Checkout to continue;
  • Select a shipment method (we will deliver your order free of charge during the order at the sum of $200 USD);
  • Fill out a small blank: indicate your name, shipment address, phone number, email;
  • Click on Next to pay for the order.
If you are interested in fast delivery, you may pay an additional fee. A courier will deliver your package within 2-5 days even to the remote cities of Australia: Adelaide, Darwin. etc. You know for sure now where to buy a good sexual enhancer. And you should to use this information.

Levitra dosage

  • Every pill contains 10 mg or 20 mg Vardenafil.
  • A daily dose depends on your age body mass, health condition, severity of the erectile dysfunction, and a sexual arousal.
  • Men weighing 70 kg and 110 kg need a different dosage.
  • It will be better if you ask your doctor to write down a personal instruction.
  • If you took the drug but you did not feel any blood flow in the penis and your sex is under threat, do not take the sexual dose right away. It may induce side effects.

Common side effects

Generic Levitra has been recognized by FDA as a safe medication that does not induce a medical addiction and abuse. Due to this, many countries allow the pills over the counter. Australia is no exception.

But the experienced doctors say that the side effects may still occur. One of our experts, doctor Stuart Aitken (an urologist with 20-year-experience) says that the side effects occur in 3-4 men out of 100.

“Many men are concerned that they have a high blood pressure or a rapid heartbeat after the use of Levitra. Some even say that they experience a severe dizziness or faintness. But when I ask them about preconditions, and I’ve got it. The matter is that some men take Levitra after 2-3 shots of alcohol, and others have heart diseases, or take 2-3 tablets at once. And it’s not normal. Even if you ordered over the counter drug, go to a doctor and find out how to take Levitra correctly. I assure you that there will be less such negative moments”.

According to the statistics, the most common side effects are:
  • Headache;
  • Dizziness;
  • Redness of the face;
  • Flatulency;
  • Nasal congestion.

How does Levitra work?

  • Vardenafil relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis and dilates the blood vessels.
  • The blood vessels transfer more amount of the blood to the tissues of the penis.
  • The cavernous bodies absorb the blood like the sponges and are increased in the size.
  • The penis becomes harder and bigger, a man has erection.
This process happens naturally when a man is sexually aroused. If a man is not sexually aroused, he will not have the erection. Even the highest dose of Levitra is not able to induce a non-natural erection.

How effective is Levitra?

According to the official clinical studies, an effectiveness of Levitra is about 84% in the treatment of the impotence. This data is provided for men with normal libido.

Reviews on the popular internet services Quora and Reddit also confirm this high value of the drug for men with a weak erection. Most men get the result the first day but there are men who take Generic Levitra 2-3 times in order to estimate its power.

The advantage of the drug is that it works in 15-20 minutes. If you are looking for alternatives for Viagra which works only in an hour, Levitra is a perfect solution.

How long does Levitra last?

A life-span of Vardenfil is more than 4 hours. It means that the drug will stimulate your erection within 5-6 hours. But every man has a different sensitivity to the action of Levitra. So, it happens that erection is not reduced within 7-8 hours. The dose does not influence on the speed of the life-span. A period of the pill action will be the same during the use of 10 mg and 20 mg.

Who can take Levitra?

The use of Levitra is allowed for men:

  • At the age of 18 to 70;
  • Without serious heart pathologies;
  • With different types of the ED;
  • Who do not have an allergy to Vardenafil.
A purchasing power of men has been increased with the development of a cheap analogue. More and more men may buy Generic Levitra. But the practice shows that only 2/3 of men can take the drug. The rest of men are contraindicated to take the drug due to:
  • Kidney dysfunction;
  • Recent myocardial infarction;
  • Vascular occlusion – a bad vascular conductance because of thrombus;
  • Recent damages or trauma of the penis.

Taking Levitra for the first time

  • See an experienced urologist or andrologist.
  • Take a minimal dose and start increasing it in several days.
  • Do not combine 2-3 sexual stimulators at once. It may be dangerous.
  • Try the pills 4-5 times, if you see that they do not work well at first.