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Detailed Priligy description

Author: Dr. Stuart Aitken
Reviewed: 15 August 2020

About Generic Priligy Pills

If you faced a premature ejaculation, we recommend you to buy Priligy. As of today, this product is the most popular to increase a duration of the sexual intercourse. It does not reduce sensations during the sexual intercourse, and a man gets the full range of the satisfaction. Strangely, even without rx you can buy this drug absolutely legally.

Priligy is prescribed men during the high sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis to the sexual stimulation. If you want to approach a treatment of the premature ejaculation correctly and obtain the best results, we recommend you to read our detailed instruction.

How to take Priligy

  • Take the pills 60 minutes before the sexual intercourse. If you take the medication right before the sexual activity, the active ingredients may not work.
  • The action may occur later if you take Priligy right after the meals. Food slows down a transit of the drug in the intestine and lowers a bioavailability of the active ingredients.
  • To achieve the best results, the medication may be taken with the PDE5 inhibitors. You will have a combo effect.
  • Take the medication not more than once a day. To achieve the best result, do not take it frequently. Avoid a development of the addiction of the body to the action of the pills, otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment will drop in time.

Actual Picture of Priligy Blister

Actual image of generic Priligy

How to buy Priligy

If you made a doctor’s appointment, you may ask where to buy inexpensive pills for the premature ejaculation. The doctor may recommend you buying Priligy on the internet. This option has many advantages:

  1. A convenient and fast delivery in Australia.
  2. Over the counter order.
  3. A cost of the pills is by 3-4 times lower than in the city pharmacies.
Buying Priligy online you will be sent a package to any city: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. It doesn't matter where you are at this moment.

You may order even by means of your smartphone:
  • Select a dosage working for you best of all: 30 mg or 60 mg.
  • Make sure that a price is fair for you.
  • Click on Add to Cart to add the needed number of the pills to the cart.
  • Go to the cart for the further order.
  • Check information and click on Check Out to choose a delivery.
  • You may take cheap post shipment or order a service of the expedited delivery for the additional fee.
  • Enter your contact data and click on Next to pay for the goods.
  • Use a bank card/wire transfer/bitcoin to pay for your order.
  • To buy the pills for the ED or order Priligy in Australia again, repeat the procedure.
* If you buy at the sum of $200 USD, the shipment will be free of charge.

Priligy dosage

There are two doses of Priligy: 30mg and 60 mg. You should choose the most effective dosage according to the clinical pattern of the disease. Take a medical examination and let a doctor estimate a severity of the premature ejaculation.

Do not take more than a pill per day. Remember that it is not just a product for the increase of the duration of the sexual intercourse, but this is also a light antidepressant. It is better to avoid an overdose.

Taking generic Priligy for the first time

  • Side effects may happen within the first use of Priligy. It is normal. If the reaction does not pass within 7 days, stop taking the medication.
  • If you have started the treatment of the premature ejaculation, pay attention to the minimal dosage of Priligy 30mg. You may seem that it is not enough but you will like the effect for sure.
  • If the first try did not work, do not be upset. It happens. Perhaps your body needs more time to get used to it. It will work like clock in a couple of days.

How do I pick the right dose?

  • 30 mg is a perfect dosage for men who try the drug for the first time and senior men. The action is soft, but the effect is not worse.
  • Priligy 60mg is a perfect dosage for men who do not have contraindications. If you have tried a low dose but it did not work for you, try to increase it up to 60 mg. Follow your health. If you feel sick during the increase of the dose, go back to the lower dose.

Common side effects

As any medical product, Priligy has side effects. But they depend on how correctly you follow the dosage. It is believed that men often have:

  • Anxiety;
  • Nausea;
  • Flatulency;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Absence of the ejaculation
  • Lack of energy.

How does Priligy works?

  • A slowing of the ejaculation happens due to the active ingredient Dapoxetine.
  • The active nervous centers are slowed under the action of this ingredient, and they are responsible for the onset of the ejaculation. The signals reach the brain slowly.
  • Moreover, a control of the ejaculation is achieved by means of the increased production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter inhibits a tension of the man and a low confidence.
According to Doctor Stuart Aitken, the basic advantage of Dapoxetine is that it is not an anesthetic agent. Long years of the treatment of the premature ejaculation came down to the inhibition of the sensitivity of the penis nerve endings. Due to this, a quality of sex dropped.

Priligy completely keeps a sensitivity of the penis and a man does not lose sensations during the sexual intercourse. It is achieved because the drug acts on a cause of the sexual pathology. Even though Dapoxetine is a symptom relieving ingredient, it copes with a source of the disorder.

How effective is Priligy?

The effectiveness of Priligy may be determined by two criteria:

  • Keeping a sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis;
  • A level of the increase of the sexual intercourse duration.
The first thing is clear. We have explained that Priligy is the only product that does not affect the penis sensitivity.

As to the second criterion, it is not so clear. According to the data of the manufacturer of Priligy, a duration of the sexual intercourse may be increased by 4 times. But the reviews of men differ. Some man have sex by 30 minutes longer, and others – by 5 minutes.

It depends on a sensitivity of a man. The better the receptors feel Dapoxetine, the longer the action will be. But a general opinion is that 83 men out of 100 enhance a duration of the sexual intercourse by two times.

How long does Priligy last?

As a half-life period of Dapoxetine is lower than 2 hours, a duration of the action achieves 10-12 hours. The active ingredients do not lose their therapeutic properties within 8 hours. This time is enough to have several sexual intercourse. These are the official data of the Board of Health in Australia.

A duration of the sexual intercourse will grow with every try of the drug.

Who can take Priligy?

You may take Priligy if you are 18 years old, do not have acute mental disorders and have a healthy heart. But there are men who are contraindicated to take this medication. Avoid the use of the pills during:

  • Intensive dysfunctions of the liver, kidneys;
  • Organic diseases of the central nervous system;
  • Intolerance of lactose;
  • Heart failure, arrhythmia, disorder of the cardiac conduction, and ischemic heart disease.

Taking Priligy with other medications

Taking Priligy with alcohol will make it worse. Ethanol interacts with Dapoxetine, so that a load on the central nervous system grows. But there are other restrictions:

  • Do not take Priligy with CYP3A4 inhibitors (ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir).
  • If you are taking serotonin reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, and psychoactive ingredients, do not start the treatment of the premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine will increase their action, so that an overdose is possible.
  • Refuse from the simultaneous use with thioridazine.